Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hello-hello! How are my lovelies doing today? All is well here! I finished my four outdoor dining chairs yesterday- they turned out really well- just in case I didn't mention it, I purchased all four for $10. My husband came home last night and told me the chairs looked way too good to put outside- that means he likes 'em! Anyway, I will post pics of them next Monday!

Onto more important things- like today's Etsy finds! Hope you loves as much as me!

"Bedroom Series" by Valeria

"Fabric Storage Bins" Sewing Momma

"Inspirational Rocks" by Rae Dunn

Have a great day! Remember to buy handmade!



knack said...

I love rae dunns work! So glad to see it in your finds!

I also love the song that plays every time I visit your blog...I just want to do a little jig every time! Who sings it? xoxo

knack said...

oooops! AND I can't wait to see your chairs!

{just had to hear the song again!}