Monday, April 27, 2009

Make It Monday! or as today's post will be known...Just Junkin' No Jokin'!

Hello, hello! I finally have some pics to post of my outdoor dining chairs. Just a re-cap... I picked up four chairs for a total of $10! Now... that's Just Junkin' No Jokin'! I'm a dork, I know! I was thinking that is what I could call a new series of posts. When I re-do my finds from the ole Goodwill, garage sales or flea markets... I thought these re-dos could use a fun name "Just Junkin' No Jokin' was born!

I chose the green paint to add a pop of color to the outside. I wanted something fun! I think I accomplished that- I hope!

The umber glaze was applied to help cut the brightness of the green. My husband is usually ok with my decorating decisions, but the bright green was a little too much, so the glaze was our compromise!

I'm a linen fanatic so of course I had to cover the seat cushions with just that! Will post pics of all four chairs when the table and other decor is finished- then you will be able to see them in an actual setting!

Happy Monday!



our little love nest said...

So impressed! ^That is just breathtakingly perfect. Can you come fix up my dining set? Puleeeeeeeeeeeze!!xo

Daryl said...

Heddy, I love what you did with these chairs. Great choice of color and the naturalness of linen is a wonderful contrast.


knack said...

I love what you did with these...the green is lovely! xo

Dallas Shaw said...

love that green