Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Camper Re-Do

I was flipping through Amy Butler's Midwest Modern book the other day- and came across images of her old jeep / camping setup. It got me thinking that I need to re-fabric the interior of my tent trailer. I think this weekend we will pop that baby open, and I will start sewing away to get my tent trailer looking more Amy Butler-ish!

Here a few images of Amy Butler fabric and style that I came across on the fabulous Decor8 blog- Enjoy.
(IMAGES BELOW: courtesy of Decor8)

I haven't decided on the exact fabric I will use, but I have decided that I will mix in Amy's print fabrics along with some solid (perhaps linen) color fabric. Too much print can be overwhelming for me. We'll see though, it's possible I will go crazy in that little camper.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Make It Monday! A re-cycled sofa.

Hi Lovies! Well- I SURVIVED. that's all I can say- not I came in first, or second or placed anywhere decent in the triathlon, but I am alive today! That was a much more difficult experience than I had anticipated ( I guess it didn't help that I only started swimming the week of the triathlon- real smart), but I have to say- I want to do another! The next time though- I plan to be a little more prepared!
Anywhoozie- I thought I would post some before and after pics of a sofa I found waiting by the curb to be picked up by the trash man.
This is the sofa "before"
Here it is stripped down...
And... here it is in my studio. I'm pretty darn happy with the way it turned out! Not bad for a free find-ehh?
Have a good one.
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Food Friday!

Hi All! I am competing in my first ever triathlon tomorrow and I'm sooo nervous! I'm feeling like what did I get myself into? Because I ALWAYS focus on food- I have decided that my reward is going to be sushi!

I LOVE sushi! The benefit of sushi in our town is the "all you can eat" price which is a lot more affordable than a la carte. Granted the sushi doesn't compare to say "I Love Sushi" in Las Vegas or "Sushi in the Raw" in Grass Valley. These are two of the best sushi restaurants I have experienced, however the price exceeds my current budget! If you haven't tried sushi give it a try!

Have a good weekend and wish me luck!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Summer Shoe

I have been looking for a new pair of summer shoes to wear with those blue jeans I told you about yesterday. I also wanted a pair for the sundresses I plan to wear to early evening dinners with my husband ( as I am not a late nighter-ha!ha!). Anywho- I am like a lot of women out there- and love Anthropologie, but really... who can afford that store- it's definitely a place I frequent for inspiration, but that's about it. So I happen to love wedges and came across these two pairs on Anthropologie.One pair was over $200 and the other was over $300. Now seriously- who can afford to spend that much money on one pair of sandals- Yikes!

I decided to search good old Target- and these are the shoes I found (and purchased). I know they are not a wedge, but I still think they are similar enough to the style / look I was after and the best part of all.... they are $29.99. Here is the link: Mossimo Peace Heeled Sandal.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hi lovies- it's WedETSYday again! Because I am anticipating the spring / summer months I am planning my wardrobe accordingly. I am fan of white and black- but preferably white tanks or t-shirts with a pair of faded blue jeans and summer sandals. I think the perfect way to jazz up this look and add a little color is with jewelry. So, for this WedETSYday I have selected four cuff designers that I love!

This cuff is the work of Moxie and Oliver.

This cuff is the work of Cowgirl Chile Co.

This cuff is the work of Heather Jolie- you can find her at Heather Jolie Designs.

This last cuff designer is... ME! These are photos of a couple of cuffs I made for friends- along with a matching travel jewelry bag. I use vintage linen along with a pattern print, hand stamp leather with a meaningful quote, and a big button for the closure. These will be available (when I finally get off my batooty and update my etsy store)through my shop. I will make an announcement on my blog- very soon!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and remember to shop handmade!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Is anyone else in the mood to get their clean on??? As I mentioned last Friday, I am so ready to start planning outdoor activities, and lighten up my indoor decor. However, first things first. In order to settle into the spring and summer months I must do a proper cleaning. Because I am such an organizational freak, I keep everything in binders ( in sleeve protectors) including my checklists one of which is spring cleaning. But, I happened to come across this checklist over at Casa Sugar this morning, and decided I must post a link and share with my girlies. I love this checklist and plan to hang it in my laundry room for the next few weeks as I work my way towards a clean spring home!

I was also thinking that in order to keep in the spirit of a greener home... I have decided to make some of my own cleaning products. Do you have any recipes you would love to share? Please send my way.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dream Backyard

The weather here was so wonderful yesterday that I started to day dream about my backyard. Currently my backyard consists of a four seat table with a fire pit, a chandelier and some miscellaneous pots.
I came across these photos (quite honestly I can't remember where I found them- sorry to whomever they belong), but I love the feel of this outdoor space. Summer is right around the corner so I have already started planning my version of this outdoor space.
My outdoor space will be a little different, but that is the whole point of inspiration- not to copy, but create your own version. My husband isn't too crazy about the pillows- so I will make some that he feels more comfortable with. I love-love the abundance of succulents, I will definitely be planting several pots. I am currently acquiring miscellaneous chairs to surround my outdoor table. I have also sewn several panels to hang from the pergola we built last year. We were in desperate need of privacy from our neighbors.
Outdoor to do checklist:
  • Hang chandelier
  • paint chairs
  • finish cushions for chairs
  • make accent pillows
  • purchase and pot succulents (and lavender- my favorite)
  • find lanterns for table
  • hang panels
  • find decorative accents for table

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Is your outdoor space decorated? I would love to see some photos!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hi All! How is your day going so far? Here it is still pretty early, but I am already freaking out over my new do. I went to a new gal last night to get my hair cut and colored (trying to save a few bucks). I have to say the color turned out great, and the cut probably did as well if it wasn't soooo short. I keep feeling my head for my hair, but there is none there. You know- I know I want to lose weight, but now I feel that it must happen by tomorrow in order for my face to support this new look! Anyway, just needed to vent because I am feeling very - very unsure of the minimal amount of hair on my head.

Now onto important things- like SHOPPING! Hope you enjoy this weeks ETSY finds. Once again there are three FABULOSO designers to purchase goodies from.

ETSY pick numero uno: Bionic Benz and the Amateur creator/designer/artist of these fabulous belt buckle / belt combos. I want the birdie one for me, and the argyle/skull for my step-daughter. I love a great belt worn with a pair of faded blue jeans and a super comfy white v-neck tee!

ETSY pick numero dos: Spark Letterpress Stationery. I'm especially lovin' their "Bittersweet Ink Card" line. Here are a few samples, I love the simplicity of the white and black combined with the "tell it like it is" phrases.

ETSY pick numero tres: Allyson Hill of The Mod Mobile . I came across Allyson's work while searching for an "auto trash" bag. I must have one of these bags- I think it will give my car a sense of style! Allyson has a great selection of these bags as well as "auto sneeze" bags! Too cute- love it!

Remember to check out these etsy designers, and Buy Handmade!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DIY Pendant Lights? ( I think I can do-it-myself)

I was just visiting My Notting Hill and came across her post on her trip to Atlanta- specifically South of Market. There are some awesome ideas for lighting- that I am quite positive I can make myself with a little elbow grease!

These are the fantastic photos posted over at My Notting Hill. The glass hurricane pendant lights are the lights I will attempt to DIY! Although I think for this endeavor I might need to enlist the help of my old man (j/k- I can't stand when people refer to their spouses as the "old woman" or "old man"- I was just being a dork- seriously, I didn't mean it!).

Thanks "My Notting Hill" for sharing your inspiring photos of your Atlanta trip!

What do you think- could you make your own version of these lights? If you do send me the pics. I will post mine!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Make It! Monday.

Happy Monday! It's raining men here! Ok- not really, but raining like cats and dogs! I LOVE it! I have a few candles burning, the raining is falling, the fireplace is on. I guess if it can't be spring quite yet, then I will settle for the rain.

Anywhoozie- I know you know that I am trying to decorate my studio in order to have an inspiring place to create. Because I am on a budget (since I'm not working at a 9to5 job) I am trying to accomplish this task spending as little money as possible.

The week before last I posted a picture of my Oliver dog art. Today, I am posting a Make It! Monday pic of my "Believe In Yourself" art! The frame for this art was purchased for $5 and everything else I had on hand.

Here is the before and after shots of my latest art for the wall in my studio. I will update you as I create / purchase (if affordable) new pieces. I think it works well with my Oliver art, and soon to create Whiskey art (my golden retriever)! Are you into making art or inspirational pieces for your walls? If so, please send me some pics- I love to see what others create- it's what inspires me.
Here is the cheapo- nasty frame "Before".

And here it is "After". My frame is leaning against my studio sofa that I recently re-did. I am going to post some before and after shots of that as well. This piece I was really excited about because I found it at the side of the road! But, I will tell you more about that with next week's Make It! Monday. post!

And here it is with my Oliver art! When I feel like my studio is pulled together enough, I will post pics of the entire space!

Ta Ta Lovies!