Thursday, April 16, 2009


You probably get sick of me mentioning sweets on my Food Friday blog, but a girl has to be true to herself, and I LOVE SUGAR! I’m guessing I have fellow sugar lovers out there, so this blog about ice cream is for you!

There is nothing that can compare to homemade ice cream, but when I saw this post on Oh Joy’s blog about ICI in Berkley- I immediately felt they might have a chance of coming pretty darn close.

I told my husband that I want an ice cream maker so I can experiment with different flavors this summer. But, I am also planning a little road trip for the sole purpose of indulging in ice cream. Yes, that is correct I will make a point one day this summer of driving 3 hours just to get my fix!

Oh my goodness- look at these ice cream sandwiches.

Their handmade cones...

Specialty flavors made daily...

And.... these are what they refer to as bombes or as I know them ice cream cakes!

You want to get in your car and drive there right now, don't you???

Have a great weekend!



our little love nest said...

I am thinking...YUM! Have a great weekend too! xo

Dallas Shaw said...



Botany's Desire said...

Did you really have to do this to me as I am trying to not add any new indulgences to my tummy.