Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I gotta a good one today. I usually don't like to duplicate an Etsy store that was just blogged about, but I couldn't resist this one. So~ if I have to be a copy cat so be it! I must also confess that I was pretty sure I was over the whole Union Jack thing... but I LOVE these pillows. If however, Union Jack still isn't your thing HELKATDESIGN has many~many other lovely pillow designs with names like "Rustic Hessian", "Hearts and Birds", "Nautical", "International Flags", and "Countryside". Don't you just love it when you find a true gem!

all images via Helkatdesign

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Food Friday!

Today's Food Friday is dedicated to my sister Sara. I ran across a blog recently~ and I immediately knew that I must write a post. The name of the blog alone is reason enough to love it, but then I saw all the yummy recipes and knew from this point forward I will not miss a day of visiting this site. Are you ready???? Here it is ..."Not Without Salt". My sister will laugh and jump for joy when she reads this because she is truly the BIGGEST lover of salt. One recipe in particular caught my attention- and the story that accompanies it is truly meaningful.

Bacon Caramels! If I had bacon in my house right now, I would be eating these for dinner! You've gotta visit Not Without Salt- check out this recipe along with all the others ~Mock Almond Crunch, Homemade Twix Bars, Pancakes with Blueberry Butter, Homemade Potato Chips- and that's just on the first page! Make sure to have a napkin handy to catch all the drool!



Monday, November 8, 2010

Make It Monday...Handmade Bibs!

Is it just me, or are there no cute bibs out there? I decided to make my own a few weeks back after being frustrated with what stores like Target offer. I know they aren't designer quality, but at least they are void of goofy animals and quotes like "Mommy's Big Boy!"