Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't Lose Hope!

Hello All!

I had to write about this blog today, because it is so inspiring to me. Came across The English Muse on Bloggers "Blogs of Note" and love what Tina said about her struggle with blogging. I can relate so well to her self doubt, as I experience it everyday. But, I guess it's those times when you are feeling so alone that fate intervenes and lifts you up!

Here is the awesome and inspiring blog post from Tina of The English Muse- I have been reading it daily to keep hopeful! Thanks so much Tina.

"Hello Everyone, Welcome to the blog I started in earnest after Christmas. I suppose the song "Only the Lonely" could apply to newbie bloggers. You feel like you're talking to yourself in an empty room. I can't tell you how many times I thought about quitting. Some days, I had only one visitor. Other days, maybe 15 max (most of them me.)I took out an ad on Joanna Goddard's amazing blog, A Cup of Jo, and finally there was traffic. It's continued to increase steadily since then -- because of the help of many kind and generous bloggers. (Thank you!) I'm happy I stayed with it because something amazing happened this week: Blogger.com named English Muse a "Blog of Note." My site visits are up tenfold. So please bookmark me and come back to visit in the days and weeks ahead. I have lots to tell and show you. In the meantime I want you to know: I'm so happy that you're here.My warmest regards,Tina PS: I'm not sure who is in charge of deciding on the blogs of note. Whoever they are, I love them!PSS: Photo via Lolita. "
Love her blog- you gotta visit (and stay)!
PSSS: Photo via Lolita


farmhouse wares said...

I read the same post and felt exactly as you do. I even told my husband how inspiring it was. I think he nodded his head, trying to look like he cares.

HeddyShea said...

I contacted the A cup of Jo about ad rates... I will definitely have to discuss that with my husband. But, it gets you thinking about advertising and how much it can attract people to your site! My husband did the same. Now I'm just to the point where I don't discuss my blog / etsy with him because I think he thinks I'm not making any money so what's the point.