Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oooohs and Ahhhhhs!

Here a few images that are inspiring my holiday decorating. I love pine cones- they are so versatile. This year I glittered a few for the tree- they turned out so pretty, pretty! Now I'm working on my table decor! I think I'm a little behind- but enjoying the process nonetheless! How is your decorating coming?

Have a wonderful day- and stay warm! It is -6 at my casa this morning! Brrrr!
all images via Country Living

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Food Friday (ok, so it's technically drink Friday)!

I know Friday's are usually reserved for food... but I thought I would be a little crazy and blog about booze instead! Since I can't actually enjoy drinking alcohol I figure you my friends might enjoy a beverage on my behalf. Being that it is the holiday season I feel it necessary to provide a few recipes for mulled wine- yum!yum! Now remember think of me when consuming!

Jamie Oliver Mulled Wine

Martha Stewart Mulled Wine
Sunset Magazine Orange Mulled Wine
Delicious Magazine Spiced Scandanavian Mulled Wine
Mulled Wine Kit
Happy Drinking!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New House Beautiful!

Have you seen the new issue of House Beautiful??? I was at my local Barnes and Noble and came across it the other day. I must say I am in love with all of it, but in particular the rustic cottage that belongs to Jill Brinson. In case you don't get the mag, here are some pics for you to enjoy!

Not too shabby of a pad ehh?? I think I could live there just fine.


all images via House Beautiful


It's been a while since I've posted etsy designers. Being that it is so close to Christmas I thought I would dedicate the remaining WedETSY's of the month to holiday items! Check out what I found for this week. You know I love me some linen and burlap! Enjoy!

Pine cone Stamped Linen Lavender Sachets

Fairy Ornaments

Felt Birds

Burlap Gift Tags
Winter Burlap Banner
Rustic Modern Holiday Stocking
Have a great day!