Thursday, April 16, 2009

NOT Bathing Suit Ready

It seems like all winter I long for summer, feeling like it just can't get here soon enough. Then all the sudden I realize it's going to be here in no time, and once again I feel like I'm not quite ready to slip into a bathing suit. How does this happen? I have had plenty of time to prepare, yet once again I am in search of the bathing suit that will hide the numerous flaws. Well I think this year I will once again rely on a cover up! That being said I hopped over to Anthropologie to see what they have to offer in that department and here is what I found...

The three shown here are:

Sea Nettle Cover-Up $128

Kimono Cover-Up $148

Oeiras Chemise the most affordable of the three at $78

I'm sure as usual I will find a much less expensive option, but it still nice to see what's out there!