Thursday, April 23, 2009

Desire to Inspire has Indeed Inspired!

I was doing my morning blog perusing- loving so many things! I came across these images on Desire to Inspire and smiled so big! Now, I must confess these images are in no way reflective of my own home, but that's why I love them! I love the antique table mixed with the industrial chairs, the white walls with pops of color, the pendant lights- this room has such a great vibe!

Then, I came across this image and thought- aha! that is how I will construct my own pot rack. I have an abundance of branches throughout my house- I just prop them in corners for decoration. So, when I saw this image I thought it was a perfect solution to my pot rack dilemma. I think this can be a pretty simple DIY project- don't you?

Then, when I saw this image of the branch clothing rack- I really fell hard! Now, I just have to find a location to install one of these for my very own!

Anywhooz- Can't get enough of Desire to Inspire- never disappoints!




A "cheery" disposition said...

I love that old wood table. Me and my boyfried are going to the antique market tommorrow and that is what im looking for.

Sarah Arkanoff said...

I adore the metal chairs around the rustic dining table. ♥

farmhouse wares said...

There's nothing like branching out with new ideas. Love all the white too.

the seventy tree said...

Beautiful kitchen...I love all the white, the rustic wooden table and splashes of colour.....good find. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm really enjoying a good read of yours. We like similar stuff.

Jessica said...

I am so in love w/ that type of metal chair right now. I want to find some so bad! Great post :)

Maria said...

WOW!! This space is a dream!!