Monday, April 13, 2009


Hello there friends-eez! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend- I sure did. Well, I have to confess... I didn't make that menu I told you about on Friday- bad Heather! But, I did make this:
salmon with dill sauce
bbq'd artichokes
salad with beets, blood oranges, blue cheese, and a honey vinaigrette
it was YUMMY!

Anywhoozie... Since it's MAKE IT MONDAY- I wanted to share this treasure I found on my Friday visit to the local treasure trove known as Goodwill! Align Center

Introducing.... Sadie
I gave her a name to try and make her fit in more with the boys and girls over at Knack Studios!

Sadie has had a rough life, but I feel confident I can turn things around for her and have her looking more like this chair from Barb of Knack Studios home tour! I ADORE this chair, and when I found Sadie I immediately thought of Barb's chair and knew Sadie would have a chance!

So, I am going to work very-very hard on Sadie for the next few weeks and re-introduce her as a new woman on an upcoming MAKE IT MONDAY- so stay tuned!
You can check out Barb's home tour by clicking here.
Happy Monday!


Honey Bend Vintage said...

Can hardly wait to see the finished product. Enjoyed your blog!

knack said...

oooh... thanks so much!

I can't wait to see it when you are done...and LOVE the name! :)

SimplyGrove said...

Love your bog!!