Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Handmade Christmas

Here is a little photo collage of my handmade Christmas gifts. I chose to make Irish Cream (yummy!), pecan balls, and "Joy" ornaments. I found the free garland template on another blog (I'm trying to desperately to remember which one), and used it for my ornaments and the labeling on my packages.I purchased wooden crates for the containers, attached decorative branches, and pine cones, layered the inside with shredded Christmas wrapping (thanks paper shredder you did a great job!), and added a Merry Christmas photo for the final touch. All in all I'm very pleased with the results. Did you make your gifts this year? Now I'm off to finish my mom's gift, which I will post pics of next week!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Food Friday...Peppermint!

So, let me just tell you that I love peppermint in the months of December and possibly January, but that's it, no other months of the year- is that strange? Because I have such a love for peppermint in said months, I have been anticipating the return of the Candy Cane blizzard at DQ for some time now. In November, I look forward to the pumpkin frappuccino at Starbucks, and December it's the blizzard. But guess what???? DQ isn't offering it this year. Instead it has been replaced with Reindeer Bites (toasted coconut, choco chunks, caramel and pie pieces blended with creamy vanilla soft serve)- bleck! I was soooo disappointed that I've decided to make my own peppermint dessert. Here are a few that I'm sure will satisfy my craving!

Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream Cake

Happy Eating!
all images via Bon Appetite

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I gotta a good one today. I usually don't like to duplicate an Etsy store that was just blogged about, but I couldn't resist this one. So~ if I have to be a copy cat so be it! I must also confess that I was pretty sure I was over the whole Union Jack thing... but I LOVE these pillows. If however, Union Jack still isn't your thing HELKATDESIGN has many~many other lovely pillow designs with names like "Rustic Hessian", "Hearts and Birds", "Nautical", "International Flags", and "Countryside". Don't you just love it when you find a true gem!

all images via Helkatdesign

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Food Friday!

Today's Food Friday is dedicated to my sister Sara. I ran across a blog recently~ and I immediately knew that I must write a post. The name of the blog alone is reason enough to love it, but then I saw all the yummy recipes and knew from this point forward I will not miss a day of visiting this site. Are you ready???? Here it is ..."Not Without Salt". My sister will laugh and jump for joy when she reads this because she is truly the BIGGEST lover of salt. One recipe in particular caught my attention- and the story that accompanies it is truly meaningful.

Bacon Caramels! If I had bacon in my house right now, I would be eating these for dinner! You've gotta visit Not Without Salt- check out this recipe along with all the others ~Mock Almond Crunch, Homemade Twix Bars, Pancakes with Blueberry Butter, Homemade Potato Chips- and that's just on the first page! Make sure to have a napkin handy to catch all the drool!



Monday, November 8, 2010

Make It Monday...Handmade Bibs!

Is it just me, or are there no cute bibs out there? I decided to make my own a few weeks back after being frustrated with what stores like Target offer. I know they aren't designer quality, but at least they are void of goofy animals and quotes like "Mommy's Big Boy!"

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feather Your Nest

I love velvet blue in my winter decor. As a matter of fact I just pulled out my velvet pillows for the year. I've never really been a feather girl, but when I came across the blue velvet with feather pillow I thought it was a great idea. I think I could duplicate this look on my pillows... just another project to add to my list. Do you use feathers in your decor? Here are a few ideas to get your imagination stirring. Happy Thursday!

images via Country Living

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Three things I'm loving this week over at Etsy:

these Turkish Bath Towels- I love the size, style and color options!
"The peshtemal is an alternative to the towel in bathrooms, pools, beaches, spas, sport facilities and for baby care. "

What about these adorable curdory and felt baby shoes. Check out the shop there are so many adorable options!
I happen to love river rocks, so when I found these crocheted rocks- my heart skipped a beat! Aren't they adorable?
PS~ remember to click on each shop banner to go directly to their store!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Make It Monday!

I found this post over at Remodelista, and got so giddy! I know I could make my own set of shelving just like the one below. Matter of fact, when we were at the pumpkin patch this weekend there were stacks of pallets just sittin' there waiting for me to take them home. I am going back there today to ask if I can either purchase, or have them (fingers crossed). I think the shelves would go perfect in my little Jax's playroom. Such a simple idea- stacked pallets securely attached together- and jelly roll pans for drawers! What do you think?

Want to learn more? Just click here.

Happy Monday.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Food Friday! Mushrooms On My Mind!

Does anyone else love mushrooms? A great mushroom soup is just the prescription for a chilly fall day. To be honest, I have yet to try any of the recipes below but I plan to make at least the soup in the near future (hopefully this weekend)! Then, I will work my way towards the risotto and maybe by Christmas will have found the time to make and devour the lasagna. That's just how I am, no sharing just consume it all by me self! Yum.

Happy, Happy Weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend in Truckee

I know it's Monday and I should be posting on something to make by hand, but I couldn't resist posting these pics instead. My little man is 6 months old~ with his two bottom teeth~ semi- crawling~ sitting up perfectly~ smiling and talking like mad~ and he's infatuated with his left hand. Not his right, just his left. It's really- really cute to watch him twist and twirl and stare in amazement at his little hand. Ok, enough about my boy.
We snapped the photo just outside of Truckee. We spent the weekend hiking, eating and enjoying some much needed family time. It was awesome even if Jackson didn't sleep!

Here are a few additional shots of the spot we stopped at...

Isn't this one cool. A local group of artists painting the fall foliage.
Alrighty then. If I have time to take pics of the bibs I'm trying to sew up for him, I'll post those later on as my "Make It Monday" project.
Today I'll be out hunting for pumpkins, acorns, and branches of leaves I can cut off of trees while no one is looking. I have to do it, I don't have any oak trees in my own yard, and it's a given that my house has at least two glass containers with fall leaves~ I have to get my fall vibe on you know. Don't tell on me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Food Friday. Salt and Caramel

Here are a few recipes I've got my eye on. I'm a sucker for any combination of salt and caramel in a dessert. It's just pure heaven to me! I think my mouth is actually watering just looking at these images.

Have a great weekend!