Friday, April 10, 2009

Food Friday!

Hello friends!

I decided to take a trip over to my girl Martha's site! Since it's Easter weekend I thought I'd be a little crazy and cook up something special for my man. Even though it will only be the two of us on Sunday, I still thought a nice meal wouldn't hurt- right? I have to say Martha is good- she's real good- she knows how to get me coming back to her (and sometimes I hate that). Rarely does she disappoint- especially with the Whole Living division- I love it I confess. I mentioned quite some time ago that Katie Brown has my heart, but she seems to be letting me down lately- so maybe, just maybe, I'm pulling away from her- goodbye Katie.

Ok- enough rambling... it's early and I just finished my first cup of coffee- and I like to talk, but I will focus!

~~~~~Here is the menu I have selected from Martha for my Easter dinner~~~~~

(photos below:courtesy Martha Stewart)
Since I don't think I will be coloring Easter eggs (when you don't have kids in the house it isn't as fun), I thought maybe I should try my hand at these chocolate eggs!

What can I say - I love chocolate....

Happy Easter!


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Tina said...

I love these photos of the blue eggs! fantastic! Hope you had a happy easter!