Monday, January 31, 2011

Make It Monday

Happy Monday all! How was your weekend? Mine as usual went by way too fast! But, I did find this new blog that I love. Dana, the author of House Tweaking, made this incredible headboard! Isn't that awesome! She refers to it as the "love" headboard! Check her tutorial out here.



Friday, January 28, 2011

Food Friday!

Doesn't this cake look yummy! I could eat the entire cake by myself. I swear. I'm really that out of control when it comes to sweets.


Thursday, January 27, 2011


My mom has this really great old white mantel. As of right now it's sitting in her garage. Maybe one of the pictures below will spark her interest. I know they all have mine. I'm especially loving the bathtub mantel. I've always had a love of clawfoot tubs, but with the addition of the mantel~ it's definitely perfection!

I apologize for not crediting these pictures, I can't for the life of me remember where I originally found them.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A few more picks for Valentine's Day!

ahhh i love driftwood, isn't this heart great!

of course my little man needs
this heart tie bib~

and i'm just loving this necklace

Monday, January 24, 2011

FP's La Boheme

Is it just me, or are you too wishing it was summer, or at least spring? When I received my latest online catalog from Free People yesterday, I got giddy. But, then I remembered I live in Nevada where winter can drag on until May! So, for now I will dream of the days when I can walk outside without shivers instantly hitting me, or seeing my breath when I breathe!

If I could pick one thing that I have a true love for, it would be jewelry. Not shoes, or purses, or makeup, or jeans, or.... but JEWELRY. These picks below are soooo me. Now, if I could just find the dinero to purchase one of them, I would be one happy girl.

carved cross necklace

foothills leather cuff

millau wrap bracelet

butterfly tunic

engineered and crocheted tunic
wisteria and lattice dress


all images via Free People

Make it Monday!

Happy Monday y'all! For today's post, I thought I'd show a few items that I've created and refurbished!
The sign that you see in the background was a collaboration between me and my momma about 6 years ago. We just used some good ol items for the Home Depot, framed it out, painted, sanded, and painted some more. It is one of my favorite pieces.
The two chairs that are pictured were picked up at our local GW (goodwill), and were recovered and repainted with a rustic finish.
And finally, that knit cable throw. That is my latest gift from my sweet mother in law. I had been ooh and ahhing over cable knits I had scene in Pottery Barn and West Elm, so my dear MIL decided to whip one up for me.
Well, that is for today's Make It Monday. Hope you go out and make something special of your very own.
Here is a before of those chairs. Yikes, right???

Friday, January 21, 2011

Food Friday!

I was checking out the most recent issue of Lonny magazine for decorating inspiration. Of course the magazine didn't disappoint. However, what really got me were these two pages. I mean how could you not salivate looking at these images. Chocolate goodness from the new "Baked" book, and then a buttermilk pudding cake with sugared raspberries recipe from Simple Fresh Southern. Oh yes please, I'll take both- I'll just skip breakfast and lunch and indulge in these two yummies instead.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Room Love

A few room images I'm just really feelin'! I can't help it, my heart just belongs to the neutral color family. What can I say! I think it just calms me, and I get bored too quick with bold colors and pattern.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Another WedETSYday has arrived. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought I would spend the next few Wednesday's showcasing some etsy gift ideas for this holiday of the heart.

These custom wooden heart ornaments are a great idea for that special someone.

II especially love this "custom linen love note".
Aren't these itty bitty bite sized sugar cookies adorable?? I almost wouldn't want to eat them. Almost I said!
Remember to click on each etsy store banner to go directly to their shops!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grey Velvet and Distressed Wood

Wow! Where has the time gone. It's already the 18th of January, and I'm just now blogging in the new year. I swear time just gets away from me.

I've been busy though, I promise. I'm in the process of trying to open a new etsy store, so I've been busy trying to make a few things. One of them I will post a pic of next week. Aside from that, just busy chasing my 9 month old around. He's walking now, and doesn't slow down. Oh, and I finally got back into my serious exercise routine- that's right!

So, here's a little decorating inspiration for the day. You know I love me some distressed wood, and I also love me some velvet. Really, you just can't go wrong with the combination.
image via pinterest