Monday, February 16, 2009

MAKE IT! Monday.

I'm such a dork that I forgot to hit publish post on this yesterday! Sorry sooo late.

Hi All! It's Monday again, fortunately for the majority of you in the 9-5 working world- it's a holiday- Yippee! I hope you all are relaxing and enjoying your extended weekend. I am busy re-designing my etsy shop. After much thought I have decided to change the name of my esty shop to Simply Heddy Shea- this way I can incorporate all of my stores under this one brand rather than creating several etsy shops, and it will be easier to find me. Does this make sense???

While I am busy preparing my new store I thought I would post on Amy Butler who creates fabulous fabric, patterns, and much, much more. I am really craving her fabric for some ideas I have in my studio, but for now I will just dream.

Here is a photo of a new piece of art I created for my studio. I purchased a used frame from our local Goodwill- cost: $2.00- can't beat that kind of find! Then I spray-painted the frame in a high gloss black, used fabric scraps for the panels, cut out a dachshund silhouette, and hand-stenciled Oliver! I am quite pleased with this piece. So pleased in fact that these will also be available in my etsy shop. I'm thinking of calling this art "RuffArt". These can be created with a color palette of your choice. Additionally a silhouette of your dog as well as their name will be created. I will also have several frame colors to choose from. But the best part of all... I will be donating 25% of proceeds to the Nevada Humane Society. Visit my etsy shop if you are in need of "RuffArt" of your very own!


Matthew said...

I love the RUFFART!! It is so cute!! Maybe I will have to try something like that for one of my frames. Of course i expect to complete that project sometime in 2010 :) You are a very special woman!!!

QsMimi said...

So Heddy Shea! Creative to the core!