Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hi all! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was a busy girl trying out some new ideas I've had. But, here I am with some lovelies for today's Etsy post! I love scouring through etsy checking out other artists. Sometimes it can be discouraging because there are so many talented artists, but it can also be very inspirational!

As you know, my husband gave me a camera for Christmas. I am still in the process of learning how to take half way decent photos. I like to see how other people photograph their art for Etsy. I came across this site and absolutely love the eye Carl Christensen has for photography. Carl's Etsy store is Buck's County Frames where he sells eco-friendly frames, photography, illustrations and note-cards.

My dog Oliver is a dachshund and when I saw this picture it brought the biggest smile to my face!

One of my goals (after opening my own boutique) is to purchase an old Ford, or GMC like the one pictured below. I want to fix it all up, paint it black, turquoise, or tan then have my logo painted on the side. I envision driving around town visiting farmer's markets, flea markets, going on picnics with my dogs in the back and just enjoy myself in my cool ride.

Here are a couple more images from fabulous photographer Carl Christensen of Buck's County Frames.

My second Etsy artist is Holly Strate of HollyHawk. I have been designing shabby-chicish and burlap/leather bracelets as of late, and as with everything I make I like to check out other artists. I came across Holly's work yesterday and decided I must, must, must have one of her FABULOUS bracelets. You can tell Holly puts a lot of time and energy into her designs and I love every detail.

Remember to BUY HANDMADE and check out both of these lovely artists. Toodaloo!

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