Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hello There Cuties! How is everyone today??? I'm doing quite well- actually a little pleased to see some sunshine! Are you all craving some new finds? Hope so, because I have some special treats for you! Every week it is so difficult to decide which shops to blog on WedETSYday, there are just too many talents. However, I feel confident that my shop selections will be loved by you- as they are by me- and hopefully we have the same taste!
For starts, here are photos of Vandalized Vintage Trixie Delicious hand painted plates. I love when opposites attract- and these plates do just that. I really, really need that "Punk ass" plate.

I don't know if you all know yet, but I am obsessed with yummy, smelly stuff. I have a desire to start my own line of scrubs, balms, lotions, etc. But, because I have so many projects going at this moment, I think this venture will have to wait until late spring, summer, or,???? Anyway, I am really anticipating summer's arrival, and these products seem perfectly suited for that time of year! These images are from Naiad Soap Arts- don't they look d'lish- you want these products don't you!

My third and final is Made by Hank, what can I say about this seriously talented purse designer? She does fabulous work- but I think the photos speak for themselves. Everything is sooo damn adorable and detailed. You know how I love details! Check out the madebyhank wooden tag and the hand sewn logo- I am in purse / designer / artist envy!

Well girls (and boys if you happen to read), hope you love these fine artists- I know I do! Remember to support handmade- shop Etsy!

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farmhouse wares said...

I'm nuts about anything coconut. I must have that lipbalm.