Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Hi All! It's WedETSYday, and I am so excited to post on these awesome etsy shop owners. I love stamped pottery, especially when the stamping doesn't look perfectly placed, just like the images below. These wonderful pieces of pottery are from shop owner LilyPottery.
(BELOW:images courtesy LilyPottery)

Who doesn't love a great bag??? I came across these awesome bags, and immediately fell for the old coffee sack bag- I must have it. Check out the tags on these bags- it's the details that get me every time!

(BELOW: images courtesy Wren shop)

My last Etsy designer of the day is Sweet Petula. I am a sucker for packaging and if the contents are anything like the packaging, then I'm convinced this stuff is fab!

(Below: images courtesy of Sweet Petula)

Please think of these handmade artists / shop owners the next time you need a gift, or want to treat yourself to something special!

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Sweetest Petula said...

How sweet of you to write about Sweet Petula!

Thank you!