Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bad HeddyShea, Bad!

I can't believe I let the days escape me without posting. I have been busy, busy helping my mom with her new place, and time just flew by! Forgive me? Please! Because I have missed so many days- I've decided to make a combination post for today... sound good?

My Mom Made It Monday!

I have been seeing union jack pillows popping up here and there, and wishing I had my very own. I made a point of telling my mom about my latest desire, and what do ya know... my mom surprised me with her handmade version of the pillow as a thank you gift for all the help I've given her! I am so happy with her creation. Not only do I love the pillow because my mom made it, but it incorporates vintage fabric from my grandmothers collection, as well as a vintage angel pendant that belonged to my great-grandmother. So very special to me!

I am trying to encourage my mom to open an etsy shop with her pillow creations- wouldn't you buy one??
WedETSYday on Thursday!
I perused etsy last night and found a few more lovelies and a yummy to add to my wish list. I am definitely ready for some spring weather, I think all the brown that I have been surrounded by is getting to me. I found these photographs on etsy, and they immediately lifted my spirit. All three images are the work of Irene Suchocki of isphotography. Irene is the "purveyor of little poems for the eyes". Isn't that the sweetest quote. When I read that on her etsy shop I just had to smile.


These vintage inspired tags are the fabulous work of Angela Harris. It was difficult to select just a few images, but I'm sure you will fall for her work based just on these three. I was reading the description of Angela's damask hang tag- here is what it says: "each of these tags was individually cut, punched, strung, coffee dyed and stamped". Can you believe she does all that for such a fabulous price? Check her out- really, you must!

(IMAGES BELOW: Courtesy of Angela Harris)

My third and final pick for this weeks etsy post are actually yummies. I probably should have waited until tomorrow for "Food Friday", but I couldn't resist. Whimsy and Spice Brooklyn Confectioners make these to die for looking treats. I couldn't have a bigger sweet tooth. I actually think I dream of nothing but sweets and what I will eat on my cheat day! For this coming cheat day (which is supposed to be Sunday, but ends up being Friday night, Saturday and Sunday) I must have these "Hazelnut Chocolate Whiskey Sandwich Cookies"- YUM!

(IMAGES BELOW: Courtesy of Whimsy and Spice)

Until tomorrow friends- adieus! Oh, and don't forget to check out my etsy designer picks for the week- and BUY HANDMADE!

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farmhouse wares said...

I love the idea of a cheat day. When it comes to willpower and sweets, I've got zilch.