Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Studio Renovation Inspiration

I am still plugging away at the decor for my new studio. I know I already posted about various room inspirations, but here are a few images that are inspiring me today.

This image I love for the chandelier. I love how a chandelier can add the perfect amount of charm and romance to a room. I am on the hunt for a chandelier, although I'm not sure if I will end up with a crystal one or a metal one that I will spray paint a funky color!

(BELOW: image courtesy Simply Grove)

I'm lovin' these old plates that are either stenciled or decoupaged with words. I found these on Knack Studios blog, and I am inspired to create my own version of this art. I love this concept because it is an inexpensive way to make a great statement piece.

(BELOW: image courtesy Knack Studios)

Jen over at Made by Girl, found these pillows on Etsy. I was going to wait until tomorrow to post on them (since it will be WedETSYday), but I just couldn't resist. As Jen mentioned they are similar to what Anthropologie carries, but the benefit of these are the cost, and more importantly they are HANDMADE! I rushed over to this site to purchase, but they are out of this particular one, I might just have to place a custom order I love it that much!

(BELOW: Image courtesy Made by Girl / Etsy Shop littlelegwarmers)

These two images are of oilcloth place mats. My sewing desk needs to be covered. Originally I thought I would just do a solid cream fabric over the top. After seeing these great oilcloth patterns, I am re-thinking my original plan. I might just end up with oilcloth, then again, it might get too crazy with the other prints going on in the room. You will just have to wait and see!
(BELOW: Image courtesy of Casa Sugar)

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