Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Is anyone else in the mood to get their clean on??? As I mentioned last Friday, I am so ready to start planning outdoor activities, and lighten up my indoor decor. However, first things first. In order to settle into the spring and summer months I must do a proper cleaning. Because I am such an organizational freak, I keep everything in binders ( in sleeve protectors) including my checklists one of which is spring cleaning. But, I happened to come across this checklist over at Casa Sugar this morning, and decided I must post a link and share with my girlies. I love this checklist and plan to hang it in my laundry room for the next few weeks as I work my way towards a clean spring home!

I was also thinking that in order to keep in the spirit of a greener home... I have decided to make some of my own cleaning products. Do you have any recipes you would love to share? Please send my way.


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