Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DIY Pendant Lights? ( I think I can do-it-myself)

I was just visiting My Notting Hill and came across her post on her trip to Atlanta- specifically South of Market. There are some awesome ideas for lighting- that I am quite positive I can make myself with a little elbow grease!

These are the fantastic photos posted over at My Notting Hill. The glass hurricane pendant lights are the lights I will attempt to DIY! Although I think for this endeavor I might need to enlist the help of my old man (j/k- I can't stand when people refer to their spouses as the "old woman" or "old man"- I was just being a dork- seriously, I didn't mean it!).

Thanks "My Notting Hill" for sharing your inspiring photos of your Atlanta trip!

What do you think- could you make your own version of these lights? If you do send me the pics. I will post mine!


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