Thursday, March 26, 2009

Summer Shoe

I have been looking for a new pair of summer shoes to wear with those blue jeans I told you about yesterday. I also wanted a pair for the sundresses I plan to wear to early evening dinners with my husband ( as I am not a late nighter-ha!ha!). Anywho- I am like a lot of women out there- and love Anthropologie, but really... who can afford that store- it's definitely a place I frequent for inspiration, but that's about it. So I happen to love wedges and came across these two pairs on Anthropologie.One pair was over $200 and the other was over $300. Now seriously- who can afford to spend that much money on one pair of sandals- Yikes!

I decided to search good old Target- and these are the shoes I found (and purchased). I know they are not a wedge, but I still think they are similar enough to the style / look I was after and the best part of all.... they are $29.99. Here is the link: Mossimo Peace Heeled Sandal.

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blue moss said...

totally great target find!!!