Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hi All! How is your day going so far? Here it is still pretty early, but I am already freaking out over my new do. I went to a new gal last night to get my hair cut and colored (trying to save a few bucks). I have to say the color turned out great, and the cut probably did as well if it wasn't soooo short. I keep feeling my head for my hair, but there is none there. You know- I know I want to lose weight, but now I feel that it must happen by tomorrow in order for my face to support this new look! Anyway, just needed to vent because I am feeling very - very unsure of the minimal amount of hair on my head.

Now onto important things- like SHOPPING! Hope you enjoy this weeks ETSY finds. Once again there are three FABULOSO designers to purchase goodies from.

ETSY pick numero uno: Bionic Benz and the Amateur creator/designer/artist of these fabulous belt buckle / belt combos. I want the birdie one for me, and the argyle/skull for my step-daughter. I love a great belt worn with a pair of faded blue jeans and a super comfy white v-neck tee!

ETSY pick numero dos: Spark Letterpress Stationery. I'm especially lovin' their "Bittersweet Ink Card" line. Here are a few samples, I love the simplicity of the white and black combined with the "tell it like it is" phrases.

ETSY pick numero tres: Allyson Hill of The Mod Mobile . I came across Allyson's work while searching for an "auto trash" bag. I must have one of these bags- I think it will give my car a sense of style! Allyson has a great selection of these bags as well as "auto sneeze" bags! Too cute- love it!

Remember to check out these etsy designers, and Buy Handmade!


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