Friday, January 30, 2009

Food Friday- Super Bowl Yummies!

I have to confess that I do not really follow sports. However, my husband is a die-hard Steelers fan, and a good wife must support her man! Being that two days from now my hubby's team will be kicking Cardinal arse ( and I will be forced to play waitress) I've found some yummies to serve to accompany the insane amount of Stone Ruination IPA (my hubby's favorite beer- and I must say it is pretty damn good) that will inevitably be consumed.

BELOW: nachos Therecipegirl)

(BELOW: Jerk Beef Plantains Epicurious)

(BELOW: Guacamole 101cookbooks)

(BELOW: Fish Tacos Cook Think)

(BELOW: Chili InfraRed Herring)

(BELOW: Chicken Wings White on Rice)

What will you be serving????

1 comment:

Matthew said...

are you making all those recipes? You are making me look bad girl! I thought I was taking over the top by making my special dip. Honestly, it is all my hips can handle. Would be fun for all of us to be together. I could heckle Lou throughout the game :)