Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's WedETSYday!

I have noticed that several bloggers choose a particular day of the week to blog about etsy finds. Since, as you know, I am an aspiring etsy shop owner I thought I should join in on the hunt. I am dedicating Wednesdays for etsy finds that I will call "WedETSYday!" For today's post I have selected 3 etsy sellers, however, the number of sellers I post will differ from week to week. Enjoy!

SOWN, Raleigh, NC

Hijirik Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Blue Moss, Greenville, SC


blue moss said...

hi i just found your lovely blog and was thrilled to see blue moss featured ...thanks so much

HeddyShea said...

Thanks Michelle! I didn't realize you had a blog- but I just checked it out and I LOVE it!