Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why I Love My Husband

Today I was going through my stuff preparing my new studio- woo!hoo! We decided to switch guest rooms in order for me to use the room with the tile flooring as my studio. Anyway, I came across cards that I keep (I think cards are one of the most thoughtful gifts when written with genuine feeling / meaning). I decided to put all of the cards I cherish in a tray so I can look at them often. This one is from my husband and every time I read it I smile and feel so happy and lucky to have him. This card accompanied a new Nikon camera I received for Christmas (although we weren't exchanging gifts). I am so happy with this new little digital and plan to use it often to capture the great moments of life and other stuff (like my business photos)! Here is the card I was telling you about. Isn't that great- he is so great- and I just love him!

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