Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WedETSYday- Hooray! Hooray!

Another WedETSYday has arrived, and I think you will really enjoy my picks! As I type I am trying to keep my dachshund Oliver from drinking my coffee. Oliver is like his mommy- he needs a cup o' jo to start his day off right- otherwise he is grouchy!

~~~~~Introducing the three lovely etsy designers of the week~~~~~

Lovin' Green Streets reusable sandwich and snack bags!

Lovin' Callooh Callay vintage button pins!

And... I'm lovin' Avecdieu Couture's handmade curtains! Here are just a few of her fabric choices!

To link to these etsy designers just click on their store banners!



our little love nest said...

How cool are those sandwich/snack bags!! I love them. I was just saying to my daughter that we should sew up some laminated coffee bags to make lunch bags that are eco-friendly. xo

Blue Muse said...

I'm going to have to go and check all these etsy shops out! Another shopping place.... help, help! hee!

I cracked up when you mentioned your dog trying to drink your coffee, my huskies are awful about that!!! I can't leave my cup behind when I leave a room if it has ANY coffee left in it - they will lap it up in a matter of seconds. What the heck is up with our crazy dogs?!
Have a wonderful week!
xo Isa