Monday, June 1, 2009

Newly Discovered Blog Love!

~~~~~~~~~~Blog Envy!~~~~~~~~~~~

I don't really remember how I found this blog, but that doesn't even matter. The point is that I FOUND it! It is totally fun and inspiring and it is.... drum roll please...... Barnhouse Vintage Home and Garden!!! You're gonna love it if you don't already know about it!
Here are a few picky pics for you to drool over! Plus, you gotta read the blog. The Boys at Barnhouse are hilarious and now I want to be their friendsee! I have lots and lots of dream friends!

And this is my second Blog crush of the week. It is ....(drum roll again) Queen of Tarte.
Queen of Tarte and The Boys at Barnhouse are friends-eez and host barn sales together. What a fabulous job to have- I just love creative and talented people!
Here are some pics of Tarte

I WILL make it to one of these barn sales- I SWEAR it!



our little love nest said...

Great blogs and images! I love the knack-esque sale tags!! Off to find out where they have their sales! ;)
Thanks for sharing!

our little love nest said...

I have been to Queen of Tarte's site but I don't think I have been to Barnhouse Vintage Home and for some reason the link isn't working for me. :(