Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swish and Swanky!

I want to introduce a blog I ran across last week. It's quite a popular blog so it's very possible you are already following, but if not... today is your lucky day!
Say hello there to Swish and Swanky!

Here is just a sampling of the images I'm lovin' from Amanda of Swish and Swanky

I could sooo sleep in that bed!

I've been thinking of how to decorate above my stove top... this is a great idea!

I love small rooms, especially decorated laundry rooms- loves it!

and I love stripes, worn mirrors and collections of frames! Thanks Amanda for a lovely blog!
Well I am off to compile my 4th of July menu- which will include a drink my sister just told me about called "Vodka Rosemary Lemonade Fizz"- yummy,yum, yum!


Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I adore Amanda's blog so pretty! Just like yours :)

our little love nest said...

Happy Canada Day and I love that blog! xoxo

Sarah said...

I was not following but now I am - thank you!! :)

Botany's Desire said...

Please send me some!!! I just love drinks with herbs in them.