Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SimplyHeddyShea Holiday Decor

I am so, so sad to report today that one of my fav go-to design mags “Cottage Living” has closed. I was just preparing to write a post on design inspiration for this holiday season only to read this news. Well, I guess I must find a way to move on, but how, how I say! This is a cover shot of the Cottage Living Nov/Dec ’08 holiday decorating- and I LUVS it lots. So, I am preparing my stockings and tree décor and will post my Cottage Living holiday decorating tribute photo very, very soon.

Also must give SHOUT OUT to one of my all time fav domestic gurus KATIE BROWN- she can do it all. Don't get me wrong, I loves me some M.S. (Martha Stewart), but I have more than enough love to go around! Here are a few pics of K.B.'s holiday decorating ideas from Country Home 2007- I will combine these ideas with the ones from Cottage Living (teardrop, teardrop) final edition ’08.

What I love most about the Cottage Living and Country Home photos are the use of burlap. I am currently addicted to burlap (and pinecones) and love finding new ways to make use of the inexpensive, earthy fabric. Don't you just love healthy addictions? What are yours?

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