Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Tree Gatherin'

Today was our annual xmas tree gathering and it was quite a success despite the warm temperature and lack of snow. This is a great “tradition” that we look forward to and even took our Whiskey boy to help us find the perfect tree! We start our adventure with a great cup o' joe (salted hot chocolate for Pea), and off we go. This year we scored three trees: one for our home, one for the office, and one for my mom (that’s a surprise). Small acts of kindness make me feel so good!

Now, onto more important items of discussion... I want you all to know that M.S. has let me down. It’s not often I feel this way, but today I feel the need to express my disappointment. The recipe provided by M.S. for “fleur de sel toffee” was borrrrring! No worries though, I was able to recover and find great victory with the old standby recipe of saltine cracker toffee.

SimplyHeddyShea Tip Numero Uno: It’s all about the packaging! Even the smallest gift will make a big impact if packaged well. Ditch the old standby paper plate or plastic baggy and package your homemade treats with a little pizzazz peeps. For our Primak Girls “Wintertime Toffee” Peanut and I chose brown lunch bags for our packaging. Decorated with an aspen leaf, the word "believe", decorative tag and sealed with twine- I think the packaging will be a hit!

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