Friday, December 5, 2008

Who Am I?

Who am I you are probably wondering. HeddyShea is my childhood nickname (Heather Shea). I thought it would make a perfect blog title to capture my life and times! Anyway, HeddyShea is a new etsy entrepreneur hoping to find success with her handmade goods. I have many, many ideas for my little shop "definingyoustudio" as well as ideas for additional etsy shops (no one track mind here). I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and excited by all my ideas and unfortunately not follow through on any. So, definingyoustudio is a big accomplishment for me- as they say "one step at a time". I plan to blog about whatever! and hopefully you will find my whatevers! to be inspiring, funny- possibly interesting??? but most of all enjoyable!

So, that's that and here we go!

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