Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday To Do's

Number one to do: Focus, Focus, Focus- such a simple word, why so hard?
  • Pick up daughter from school ( i can remember that)
  • take dogs to dog park (my little Ollie boy will be a maniac- good times!)
  • stop by Trader Joe's for homemade (love that word) pizza ingredients. Friday night special in the Primak house!
  • Also, purchase ingredients for homemade (there it is again-sneaky little word) fleur de sel toffee (thanks to M.S. aka Martha Stewart)
  • spray paint letters for individual stockings (H, L and C)
  • make stocking (ah yes, that is important- what good are letters without stockings)
  • make xmas ornaments from quaking aspen branch (new idea for my site as well)
  • finalize gloves/ arm warmers xmas gifts (will post pics soon)
  • research, research, research on how to become successful etsy shop owner! ( i hate the hard stuff)

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