Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Little (5x3 niche) Studio

Since my dreams of owning an arteest (i wrote it this way to emphasize the accent I use when saying it- I can't simply type artist- what fun is that?) studio have yet to come to fruition, I decided to spruce up my little niche in the hallway. Here is a peek of my little space- that's right it's all mine- mine I say! mine!
branches - free (took from nature)
shutters- free (took from my mom which were in my garage)
bookshelf- gift
quilt- gift
chair- $3 (although this pic doesn't show it very well, I picked it from my local Goodwill (that's write- I'm all about the bargain- no sense in denying it).
candles- free (took from other location in mi casa)
table- free (took out of storage)
frame- $5 (another Goodwill purchase)
And that my friends is how it's done. You take from others, from nature, beg for gifts, and from places in your house that can do without and voila- a little workspace all to yourself.
note: I am by no means advocating stealing from others; however, please feel free to use their things if they choose to store said things in your garage!

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