Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm loving my latest etsy artist. I was flipping through Body and Soul magazine and came across zJayne. zJayne offers several different products, but the "dryer pillow sheets" really caught my eye! What an adorable idea! Here's the low down on these sheets:

Upcycled, no new tShirts were harmed to make this item.
Made with recycled t-shirt sleeves, pieces and parts!

More Info:
Þ fragrant home grown organic lavender buds inside
Þ double secured (see last pic, separate sewn pouch inside)
– no buds sneaking their way out, no way, no how!
Þ Pillows are "reusable" not "refillable
Þ Keep in a covered container to last 4-6-12 mos.
- Renew them by scrunch/crunch
Þ eco-friendly
Þ pose as a quick sachet for camping, closets, car freshener, drawers and more. . .
Þ made with 100% upcycled tshirt material
Þ Size Approx. 4” x 4” each

Check out zJayne, and Etsy for all your gift giving needs!

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The Whispering Creek House said...

wow these are so it!
thanks so much for your comment it means so much..i love your blog.keep up the good work!