Monday, May 17, 2010

Make It Monday... Jewelry Frame

I've been wanting to create a frame to display my jewelry. I found these frames at Pottery Barn of all places and love the simplicity. Can you believe their frames range in price from $29 - $49 - Yikes! The junk store is calling my name for a frame and I already have the wire! I think I can pull off this project for no more than $5. Stay tuned for next Monday when I post pics of my DIY jewelry frame.

I'm also loving Modcloth's frame with the fabric insert... I might have to steal that idea.
and, two more inspiring images for jewelry display from the uber creative Knack Studios.

Have a happy-happy!

1 comment:

blue moss said...

love the pottery barn frames...but you could certainly do it yourself....
barb's are my favorites....
i have a couple of the stands that she made for for my own jewelry and another for display for blue moss :)