Friday, May 21, 2010

Food Friday... Jam

Have you made home made jam? I really want to try it out, but I hear it can be a little tricky. I know there are easier versions like freezer jam and mini microwave jam. I'm just not too sure about these alternate methods. Do you have a tried and true recipe or cooking method?
Martha Stewart Peach Rosemary Jam
Martha Stewart Quick Strawberry Jam
Just in case you have better things to do then try your hand at jam making... you can always order from the delicious looking Lemon Bird Handmade Jams! Check out their site for unique flavor combinations!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Kristin said...

i JUST bought some vanilla rhubarb preserves from this cute gourmet grocery here in Chicago and I was thinking about how much I wish I knew how to make jam!

I'm visiting my parents up in Wisconsin for a week in June, and I am most definitely adding "make homemade strawberry jam" to our agenda. My mom made it every summer when I was growing up -- I never even had store bought until I moved -- and I desperately want to know how to make it.

Momgateway said...

I enjoy making jam myself specially with tropical fruits