Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ughh, another winter day!

I always love the idea of winter and snow for the holidays, but once that time has passed- I'm usually pretty sick of it! Today I was reading Snippet and Ink's blog about being sick of the cold (me too!) so she posted a spring inspiration board to help all of us cope for the day! It really makes me smile, and daydream about spring.

I also found this DIY tutorial on making these awesome garden markers from the site CutoutandKeep!

And then, when I thought my spirit was lifted enough- I found these images of the potting area and garden in the movie It's Complicated... now I'm in heaven- and ready to take on this gloomy day!

Have a great day friends!


Kristin @ Contented Me said...

gorgeous photos! and much needed too... it's dreary here today. With freezing rain. definitely dreaming of spring around these parts!

Jen Kershner said...

Oh that movie. Oh that set design. I'll soon be dreaming of Spring too. For now I'm content to enjoy a cozy winter. This to shall pass!