Monday, January 18, 2010

Make It Monday! Baby Room Decorating!

A few people have asked what theme I'm using for the nursery... so here it is! I wanted to go with a theme that wasn't truck, sport, or Disney inspired. I opted for a nature theme. Also, I don't care for primary colors, I tend to prefer more natural, muted tones.

I have an old dresser that my mom and I are re-doing... here is a picture of the color I tried to match. I tend to love worn furniture, so I might just use that technique as well.
This is an image from the latest Anthropologie catalog- and it has inspired me to paint the baby dresser drawers with numbers.

This leaf print fabric is just my style.

Now, I know this room is girly- and I'm having a boy, but I'm using it for inspiration- you just have to imagine it with my color theme. The thing I like the most is the bed made from palettes, and the old door used as the headboard. I think it would be nice to have a bed in the nursery. I'm just not sure I have the space.
Love these owls, which can be purchased through retromama's etsy site. You can also purchase the pattern and make your own, I think I might!
Here is an owl mobile from Pink Perch etsy store- lovin' this!
I'm thinking of doing a wall tree and really like this one, just not the colors...
and this one is also inspiring me. I might just use real tree branches to create a tree, then make felt birds to hang from the branches... we'll see.
I have lots of old crates, so I will definitely use at least one for the room and fill it with books or toys!
Well, now you know what is inspiring my nursery decorating. I'm getting really excited! I plan to show progress pictures just as soon as I clear out the room and get going on putting it all together!

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