Friday, June 4, 2010

Food Friday...Umm, Can you say Yummy!

Yet another business idea that I love! I so, so, so would like to have a Pop-Bar here in good ol' Reno, Nevada! How cool, right? Gelato, sorbetto, and yogurt on a stick using fresh fruit! Here is the lowdown on these treats!

PopGelato on a stick is a handcrafted and customizable treat. They are made daily from fresh fruit and ingredients shipped directly from Italy with no artificial coloring or preservatives. Do you love our popGelatos and want to add a personal touch? No problem! With myPop you can create your own unique popGelato... from the stick up!

Craving something delicious and refreshing? Our popSorbetto, made with 100% real fruit, is a healthy way to keep you energized and on the go! The possibilities are endless; you can enjoy our basic popbar or personalize it with myPop by adding our premium poppings and dips.

Are you bored of eating your yogurt with a spoon? Try our 100% natural popYogurts on a stick. They are made daily in house with fresh ingredients imported from Italy, and with no artificial coloring or preservatives. Feeling Indulgent? Sprinkle on a few poppings, or splash on one of our premium chocolate dips with myPop! Shhh, don't worry! It will be our little secret.
Happy Friday,

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{Arianna Belle} said...

OooOo!Those look incredibly yummy! Perfect for the hot weather :)