Thursday, April 22, 2010

Food Friday!

Now that I'm a new mom of a nine day old boy, I have yet to find time to cook. My life used to revolve around what I was going to eat, at what time- and I would plan days in advance. I just loved thinking about food. Now it crosses my mind, but then a dirty diaper needs changing, or a stomach needs filling- and the days of free time to focus solely on food is long, long gone. However, I recognize that cheese and crackers here, and a bowl of cereal there is not providing enough nutrition for me or the babe. So, today I decided that I would start compiling quick and healthy recipes (when the time presents itself) and slowly I am going to incorporate more healthy meals.
Here are a few recipes that I would like to try- I found them all via Sunset mag, and supposedly (fingers crossed) they can all be thrown together in less than 30 minutes.

Chicken Papaya Spring Rolls

Miso Soup w/ Tofu and Nori

Grilled Fish and Chips

Sesame Shrimp w/ Cucumber Salad

Chicken Burgers w/ Caramelized Onions and Blue Cheese

Chicken Pita Salad

I am currently in love with lovelymorning blog. Kristina, the author of the blog recently had a baby and every so often she posts on her new mama experience (which I really treasure), along with recipes which all look so yummy, and lots of other great miscellaneous topics! Here are two recipes of Kristina's that I would also like to incorporate into my "healthy" pre-planned menu.

Quinoa Salad image and recipe via lovelymorningblog

Toasted Nuts and Raisins w/ Sea Salt image via lovelymorningblog no recipe is really necessary for this snack, pretty self explanatory!

and because I need something healthy and quick for breakfast, I plan to make batches of these muffins and enjoy with greek yogurt topped with fruit.

Baby Bran Muffins image and recipe via

Happy Friday!



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Sarah Jane said...

yum!! all of those dishes look amazing. love the chicken burgers. thanks for visiting my blog, can't wait to start reading yours. have a lovely weekend;)