Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Time to Change Out the Candles!

I am all about seasonal scents, especially with candles! A couple of weeks back I was in Anthropology and came across a new line of candles that I absolutely adore... "Tatine". Have you smelled these candles??? They are wonderful. When I got home I looked up the company online and found out it is a small batch artisanal candle company in Chicago. Margo, the owner and one woman show works her booty off to make these lovely candles. What an awesome job she does- from the scent, to the container and packaging- perfection! What is even greater news is that she has three holiday scents that are part of the Holiday Garden and Forest Infusion line. I am on a mission to get one of each "Pine", "Pumpkin" and "Winterberry".
Here is an image of the Pine candle and the packaging... check out Margo's site, and her blog- it's quite inspiring to read of her success!

Have a wonderful day!